The Story of John and Claudia

1970. John was an outlaw. Claudia was a small town Texas belle. It was no one’s fault but their own when they fell in love.

Director David Redish looks at the monitor while DP, Mark David frames a pivotal shot in Marfa, Texas.

Director David Redish, a native Texan, is a passionate storyteller.  His unrelenting drive to make an unapologetic, emotion evoking genre film stemmed from his own experiences in love and life. These stirring themes lead David, along with best friend and savvy business partner Cesar Jasso, to create the vision for John and Claudia -- a Texas tale of love and love lost.  A script, written by fellow Texan Matthew Thomas Miller, arrived days later. With the addition of Leah Chen Baker, a peerless producer from New York City, the film then entered development in November of 2012 in Dallas, Texas.

Pre-production allowed the casting of the film’s titular leads: the beautiful Allegra Lucchesi as Claudia and the crafty Zach La Vey as John. The third member of the cast, a red 1967 Pontiac GTO, was graciously provided by friend, and Texan, Doug Forney. With their cast intact, the John and Claudia team scoured the spacious Texas countryside for the perfect shooting locations. David and his crew worked hard to showcase towns that would exemplify the cinematic and timeless beauty of Texas. Two such Texas towns stood above the rest, Whitewright and Marfa. Their awe-inspiring landscape set the tone of the film.

 Let to Right: Cesar Jasso, David Redish, Leah Chen Baker, Matthew Mills gather before the film's final shot.

In late-March, 2013 David and the “John and Claudia” team set out to make his vision reality. After days of “action!” and “cut!” and over a 1200 miles of travel across the grand open roads of Texas, John and Claudia was fully realized.

David Redish’s idea for John and Claudia has become a wildly emotional GTO ride of a film that sparkles like the Texas night sky on screen. John and Claudia is the result of six months of planning, a week of shooting and two months of post production by a team with unmatchable passion for storytelling. While the work behind the scenes is impressive, the work on the screen speaks for itself. Check the Screenings Page to see when a screening will be near you!